Would you like your very own Personal PC HOME Trainer, one-on-one ?
Do you need help with your computer and have no one to ask?

Do you have a new computer and need help with installing and/or setting up your Email, Internet access, Printers,  Security, Backup, Skype, Facebook  etc

Do you want to know more about Emailing and Surfing the Internet ?
Do you want to know more about Skype, Facebook, other Apps?
Do you want to learn how to upload your Photos and view them on all your devices?
Do you want to know your SLR camera better or have lessons in photography?
Do you need to organise and backup your important documents and photos?
Do you want to learn Photoshop or learn more about Digital Photography?
Do you want to learn about internet security and firewall setup?

I can be your Personal HOME PC trainer and teach you about ANY or ALL the above… In the comfort of your own home using your own computer. I have the skills and heaps of patience, to enable you to expand your computing knowledge however little you might have at the moment, so that you can have hours more FUN and find your way around your computer WITH CONFIDENCE !!!…

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* Please Note : Travel to locations currently restricted to Surrey and Sussex
Discounts available for locations in Surrey.

Contact me Here if you need more information or have any questions about me or PC home Training in your area..