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All websites I develop can have your own preferred look and feel, by customising a layout and colours to suit your requirements.

Some Recent Websites – Designed and Developed by Anita Harris



Would you like a new, professional looking website, with a design and colour scheme unique and totally your choice. Have a layout similar to any of these Photographers websites (<-click here), or have one based on a design similar to any of  those above. Would you like to illustrate your own images in collections, galleries and slideshows, and would you like to be able to add your own images to new galleries and collections to it by yourself once your new Photography Website is up and ready for worldwide viewing on the internet?

I design and develop Websites like this one.  Choosing from an endless choice of colour schemes. Layouts can be totally customised your liking.  Tabs for additional pages can be created with text, images, links, vidoes etc just as you would expect.  Any number of your own Blog’s posts can be displayed on your homepage. Posts can be categorised and shown on different pages aswell as on your blog page.  One or two sidebars can be shown, and many features and links can be dispalyed there. Slideshows of uploaded images can be played automatically or galleries of thumbnails can be displayed on any page or pages.  Galleries can belong to one or more collections. Even an online shop can be added to your new site to enable you to sell your prints on the internet…

You can be setup to enable you to add your own posts and/or pages easily and quickly. If you require, you may support and maintain the whole website with about 1 or 2 hours of instruction.

My job would be to design and develop a new working website for you,  to meet your requirements with the tabs/pages you would like and with a selection of your own images in their own galleries, slideshows and collections. Images may show watermarks and/or copyright text if required.

The domain name of your new website would be one that you already own or a new one that is currently available.  Viewers will be able to leave comments on your website or email you using the contact form on your new website without obtaining your email address. Those emails can be setup for automatic forwarding to your everyday inbox.  (See my contact form Here for an example of this feature)

WordPress will be used for maintaining and updating your website when new images need to be added and when new galleries and slideshows need to be created at anytime in the future.  I could maintain it for you for a fee, but you can also maintain it easily yourself, using WordPress.  WordPress is fast to learn and easy to use for maintaining any new WordPress website.  I would supply basic instructions to help you get started.

Wouldnt you just love a website like this all setup, online and ready for use, and for you to be able to add your latest images to your galleries, slidshows and collections all by yourself…???

Contact me Here for more details or if you have any futher queries about having your own new Photographers website.