JAWS Maui, Hawaii

Today brought in the biggest waves of the season to Jaws, the famous surfing wave in Maui, Hawaii.

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The surfers and their buddies on the jetskis were out in large  numbers. The rescue boats were there too of course. The swell started early this morning and by 11am some of the sets coming in were huge. I arrived to take these photos around 9.30 am just as all the locals were leaving to go to work. The pinapple field had a traffic jam i both directions, but it was worth it! Totally worth it. Some serious photographers camped in their trucks and had a great spot first thing this morning, but i have no complaint, i had a great spot too, in the shade.  I got the best weather of the day, even though when i left the waves were still building, the clouds had arrived and a north easterly wind had arrived, which made the waves surfaces pretty choppy.  By the time i arrived home, i heard a report thru the grapevine that three jet skis had been totalled on the rocks at the bottom of the cliffs.