Yesterdays sunset at Hookipa, on Maui’s North shore was absolutely spectacular, BUT .. I didn’t have my camera. The West Maui Mountains were completely clear of cloud, visibility was great, and the sun went down right in the Iao Valley, which only happens for a few days in winter and then again just for a few days in summer.

I went back this afternoon for the sunset, but it wasn’t great. There was a lot of cloud over the West Maui’s which were cloudless last night. The sun did peep out through tiny gaps in the cloud, but only very briefly. This evenings lighting was pretty good though, and the waves were still big, so I experimented with taking photos using manual exposures so that I could take the speed right down and try and capture the movement of the waves and water as it cascaded over the rocks. Not easy with just a monopod. Must take a tripod next time.  Anything slower than 1/3 second didn’t come out so well.. Anyway, here’s what I got today, better luck tomorrow, but then again maybe not, as storms have been forecast for tomorrow.

 IMG_7922_2 s IMG_7949_1 s IMG_7930_1 sIMG_7857_1 s IMG_7883_1 s