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Are you a photographer? Want a website? Fully customisable, self maintainable?  Explore my new DEMO website at and this site’s photo collections, galleries and slideshows.

Ever wanted your own website,  with a blog, with collections, galleries and slideshows, using any colours, and with a similar but not necessarily the same layout as this one?

Need a website that you can maintain yourself,  write your own posts, upload your own photographs, create your own pages, create your own collections and lots lots more?

I have created another website for demonstration purposes. Please feel free to explore it to see how simple and functional a real website can be.  Prices can be supplied on request (please use the contact form on this website or on the demo website to contact me – the website developer) 

I have designed other websites some of which are shown on the Website Designs page.

New Demonstration Website screenprints can be viewed/enlarged by clicking in the images on this post, or click on this  Photographers DEMO WEBSITE  link to view and explore the actual website.

Explore DEMO website

A couple of photos taken this week. The badger was lit up by floodlight so no flash was necessary with the High ISO setting… Its great to catch a shot without any movement. He heard me, but couldn’t smell me because i was on the other side of the patio door.

IMG_0254_email  IMG_0247_email


I have just added some new photographs to my Wildfowl  and Flower  Photograph Galleries which can be viewed as slideshows from the Gallery pages

They were taken yesterday, a glorious  day of 24C and lots of sunshine, and lucky for some it was the Sunday over the weekend of a May Bank Holiday weekend ..


Buy Single Calendar Pages for any month in any year, in any size, illustrating any Photograph of your choosing from any of my Photography Galleries .

Backgroud colors can be chosen to match with the Photograph.

Any size can be provided, ie A4 size, postcard size (for your handbag), or even poster size if required. All Calendar pages produced on quality photographic paper by professional printers.

MAY 2009                                              JUNE 2009

* click image to enlarge view

Calendar prices vary by size, discount for 12 months, please contact me using the contact form for further information. * Minimum order £25

NEW Websites – Designer Anita Harris

The latest news is that I (Anita Harris) have just recently completed the design, development and installation of  TWO  new websites.    

More Website Design information can be found on my Website Design Page.

One website is for Speedy Graphics Maui, which is a graphics Design Company based in Maui, Hawaii. The owner saw my website and decided he wanted one very much like it.  Their website now enables them to showcase and promote their designs and their work, and illustrate the scope of their business and the uses of their graphics.  Their new website required me to enhance all the images they supplied for displaying on the web, and arrange their photographs into image galleries where images can be viewed individually, and in slideshows with background music. In addition to designing and developing their new website, user training was provided to enable them to maintain the pages and images on their new site themselves, and therefore avoiding high support and maintenance fees. Invaluable SEO consultation and the design and setup of the new website has already enabled the website to be indexed by Google and come up very close to the top page in google searches when searching for Speedy graphics designers in Maui.

The second new website is designed around blogging. It was designed and developed for a Maui friend who has been wanting a way to circulate her favorite recipes over the internet on her own personal new website called LindasFavorites.  She has been collecting recipes during her 46 years of cooking, and now they are going to be available for following on the internet for all her family and friends (and anyone else who might be interested), with great search and print features. All recipes can be quickly, and easily found, viewed and printed.  Lindas recipes are organised into groups of recipes, which can be viewed from the different tabs across the top of her website ( eg starters, main courses, desserts, beverages etc).  Linda has already added a few of her recipes, and she aims to complete adding all her recipes in the near future.

All my websites and blogging websites can be developed in any color scheme, and the layout is totally flexible. The best thing is once the website has been created it can be maintained by the owner, and new pages and Blog posts can be edited and added to the websites by the owner, therefore avoiding expensive website maintenance costs.

Take a tour of my website, check out my Hawaii Photos, and Wildlife Photos, view them in their galleries, or as slideshows. ALso check out my pages about Website Design and contact me on the contact form if you want a website like mine or like either of the two recently created and detailed above. Go to those new websites by clicking on the links above, to get a feel of the features, colors, layouts, themes, and features that are available… Go on – have yourself a new website…

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