Maui Lizard


Pu'eu, Owl at Sunset Maui Maui praying Mantis Jaws Surfer, Maui Wave and surfer at Jaws in Maui Waves and surfer at Jaws Red Breasted Goose in England Avocets in England Autumn in the UK Aboretum in Autumn Jaws Maple leaf in Fall Maui Lizard Red Cardinal Canada Gosling The Combination - img_5318_1_w.jpg

New Website Gone Live

I have developed a new website to help re-unite pets and their owners. It encourages vets and Dogwardens to post articles onto the website for all lost and found pets reported to them. Only registered Organisations can write lost and found articles to avoid spamming.

I am pleaseed to report that all Organisations contacted (in Surrey) so far have registered for posting articles. See here for Full list of registered Organisations

cateyes_winking    Click the Cat Eyes to Explore

Just a couple of recent snaps taken in the UK… The Garden Blackbird and some unusually large fungi.  View my UK Birds and UK Wildlife gallery slideshows for more .

Mandarin Ducklings doing the Locomotion

I just want to share this video with anyone who might find it funny watching my tame (but wild) Mandarin ducklings dancin’ and a jumping…the ducklings are Chinese Mandarin ducks and when in full breeding plumage (in about a months time) the boys will look exactly like their dad in this photo… SO Play the video below  and it might make you smile and you’ll see I might just not be as mad as I seem….

Enjoy the video (click the Youtube icon to enlarge)

IF there is an error playing the video with the music, click the YouTube icon to watch on YouTube instead.

Shalstock 09 :  Check out the new ‘Otters Pocket’ Photo Gallery and Slideshow, and ‘The Liaison’s new Photo Gallery and Slideshow (click gallery thumbnails below) .   Also enjoy the video of Simon Harvey (lead singer – The Liaison) Singing ‘In the Midnight Hour’  (also  on YouTube)  –  A very entertaining evening – fun had by all, and all for a good cause  (local charities – The “Prostate Project” and the “Fountain Centre” in Guildford)

Simon Harvey at Shalstock ’09
(click YouTube icon to watch BIGGER)

Oh and  a PS – Sean Harvey has a  new Website at  – check it out – still lots more photos to add but its lookin’ good

Are you a photographer? Want a website? Fully customisable, self maintainable?  Explore my new DEMO website at and this site’s photo collections, galleries and slideshows.

Ever wanted your own website,  with a blog, with collections, galleries and slideshows, using any colours, and with a similar but not necessarily the same layout as this one?

Need a website that you can maintain yourself,  write your own posts, upload your own photographs, create your own pages, create your own collections and lots lots more?

I have created another website for demonstration purposes. Please feel free to explore it to see how simple and functional a real website can be.  Prices can be supplied on request (please use the contact form on this website or on the demo website to contact me – the website developer) 

I have designed other websites some of which are shown on the Website Designs page.

New Demonstration Website screenprints can be viewed/enlarged by clicking in the images on this post, or click on this  Photographers DEMO WEBSITE  link to view and explore the actual website.

Explore DEMO website

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