Sunset over the West Maui Mountains last night was very unusual in more ways than one. Firstly the mountains usually have a layer of cloud, but after the recent downpours and a very windy day (also a great windsurfing day) the West Maui Mountains cleared just before the sun set. Secondly the whispy clouds that did remain around changed formation the whole time and created an image I didn’t even notice until I got home and viewed these photos on my computer. Hence the title to this post …On the wings of a Dove.. ( PLAY ‘On the Wings of a Dove’  by Madness)

IMG_8901 _w IMG_8893 _w IMG_8897 _w 

IMG_8909 _w

No PhotoShopping has been applied to any of these photos…;-)

IMG_8350 _w

And this was taken the day before during the rains, a very wet and very voggy day!