My website – Hawaii Photos and Wildlife Photographs has now been redesigned and redeveloped in WordPress. All photo Galleries that have been migrated to my new WordPress website are available from on the photo collections, photo galleries and photo slideshows tabs across the top of each page.

If you like my new photography website, I can… create a new WordPress Website  like this – just for you.

Collections are new to this site, so all galleries available from that page are in the new layout.

Galleries from the old website that are not yet on this new site are still accessible from the galleries and slideshows tabs.

Links in the right sidebars still currently navigate to my old website pages, so please use the tabs across the top, just  for now.

I have successfully linked Windows Live Writer to my new WordPress Website, and this will be my first post written and posted to my new website, from Windows Live Writer.

All the outstanding galleries will be brought across from my old website to this new one in the very near future. Then all links to the old website will be replaced by links to the new galleries on this site.

Enjoy my Hawaii Photos and Wildlife Photographs. The slideshow  features are great, check them from the slideshows tab. Slideshows can be viewed in full screen, by clicking on the ‘enlarge screen’ icon which is displayed under the images (on the right) while playing the small screen slideshow.

Have fun… I will keep you posted when the last few galleries are here..

Galleries still remaining are :- Maui Surf Sports (next one on the list), Maui Waves, and Yellowstone wildlife, birds and scenery galleries.