I’ve seen many spectacular sunsets at Hookipa, but today was the first time I tried out some really long exposures at the manual settings.  I tried to focus on the lighting and long exposures, using manual focus and manual exposure settings which I needed to keep adjusting to cope with the rapid changes in light conditions. I tried to capture the movement of the water, but most photos came out just looking blurred, some worked though.

I used a tripod for a change, which was essential.  The first photo was the last photo taken in this series, it was taken at 15 seconds and showed up the lights of Kahului. That was the longest exposure I tried today

These photos were all taken in less than one hour, all from the same position.

IMG_8195_1 s IMG_8102_1 s IMG_8129_1 s IMG_8141_1 s IMG_8159_1 s