Haleakala is the world’s largest dormant volcano, having last erupted in the 1790’s. Its crater has many cinder cones. Many trails lead from the summit and various locations around the rim of Haleakala into the crater and a number of cabins (which must be pre-booked) provide hikers (who have to be very well prepared for all fast changing weather conditions) with overnight shelter as many trails are many miles long. Not only do the weather conditions change minute by minute but also the scenery from inside the crater. Its spectacular.

I’ve just completed Novembers Full Moon Crater hike which took us 2 days to complete. The first day was a clear blue day, a little chilly at the start, but perfect once down below the summit on our decent into the crater down the sliding sands trail. The second day it rained virtually non stop. But having the correct clothing and rain gear meant both days were great fun and enjoyed by us all. Most of the photos though were taken on the first day, because it was too wet too even get the camera out of the bag on the second day.

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I’d never heard of a REVERSE sunset not to mention seen a reverse sunset with the rising Full moon. The first photo above is exactly that. Its when the sunset colours are seen in the East as well as the West.