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These galleries listed below contain Wildife Photos taken in Hawaii, Spain,  Utah, Wyoming, and also from my home country,  the UK.

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sunset5_new UK Wedding Gallery – Photography Services in the UK

sunset5_new Maui Wedding Gallery – Maui Photography Services in Hawaii

sunset5_new Portrait Gallery – People and Pet Portraits  –  ( Select the keyword ‘portraits’ from the Image TAG Cloud to show ALL wildlife portraits)

sunset5_new Hookipa – BIG wave day in Maui Gallery – Friday 13th – March 2009 – The NEW gallery of Hookipa Waves, over 20′ wave faces….Lots of  Hookipa photos

sunset5_new Maui Aquarium Photo Gallery A new Gallery that is new to this Website of Hawaii Photos!  Its all about Fish and other living creatures at the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium in Maui, Hawaii. A Popular place for Maui visitors.

UK Landscape Photo Gallery : Scenes from around Great Britain (England and Wales)

UK Wildlife Photo Gallery : This gallery has foxes, badgers, rabbits, squirrls, watervoles and plenty of other Wildlife portraits from around the UK

UK Wildfowl Photo Gallery : Ducks, swans and geese with a selection of ornamental ducks from around Britains wildfowl collections.

UK Flower Photo Gallery : This gallery contains images of flowers from around the UK, including some macro photography

UK Wild Bird Photo Gallery : Wild birds around Britain, Puffins from Skomer Island, Avocets in Norfolk, Nightingales in Sussex….

Spanish Wildlife & Landscape Gallery – This Gallery contains mainly bird photographs taken while on a bird watching trip to the Spanish South Coast between Donana National Park and Gibraltar during the spring migration. Many raptors (Eagles and Vultures) were seen in flight on migration.  Photos of ducks and wildflowers seen on location can also be viewed in this gallery.

Maui Seashell Photo Gallery : I borrowed a selection of seashells, and got up very close with my macro lens, all of these shells fit in the palm of my hand and most of them are as small (and smaller) than a penny.

Maui Tropical Flower Photo Gallery : Now for this gallery I really did have fun with my macro lens. Maui is full of beautiful flowers, plants, trees and fruit. Take a look, see for yourself….

Maui Creatures Wildlife Photo Gallery : Maui has a lot of wildlife if you look closely. The Praying Mantis, the bee on the sunflower and the spider are taken with a macro lens. There is a seqence of a Humpback Whale breaching off the coast of Lahaina,  and a rare photograph of an endangered  Monk Seal at Ho’kipa Beach (now less than 1000 in the wild). The Humuhumu-nukunukuapua’a trigger fish, is the state fish of Hawaii.

Maui Scenes – Landscape Photo Gallery : This Gallery will show you some familiar and beautiful scenery from Maui, Hawaii. The sunsets are to die for, and the coastline unique to the island of Maui – translated as the Valley Isle.

Maui Windsurfer Photo Gallery Windsurfing in Hawaii is windsurfing in Paradise. In winter the waves are big and the opportunitites plentiful for getting windsurfing photographs of the windsurfers on pretty big waves.

Maui Surfer Photo Gallery : Photos of surfers in action. Surfing some of the biggest waves in the world on Mauis North Shore at Jaws, with helicopters flying around them filming the spectacle. Surfer photos at Hookipa give a pretty good impression of the huge waves there too.

Maui Wave Photo Gallery : Waves get huge in Maui, and they are so pretty. Waves peak during the winter months and the surfers and windsurfers flock to Maui to ride them.

Maui Birds Wildlife Photo Gallery : Mauis birds are few and far between if you are searching for native birds. Introduced birds are plentiful and photogenic. This gallery has a selection of both, including the reintroduced Nene Goose to the higher elevations of Haleakala, the native Iiwi of Hosmer Grove, and the rare Hawaiian Stilts known as the Ae’o

UTAH Wildlife Landscape Gallery – This Gallery contains photographs from locations around Salt Lake City and Moab, including locations such as The Alpine Loop and Moabs’ National Parks such as Arches National Park, Canyon Lands, Deadhorse Point and Fisher Towers to name a few.

Yellowstone Wildlife Gallery : The wildlife at Yellowstone is incredible, if you like furry animals check out this gallery, its got a lot of ‘cute’ furry animal photos, I find them irresistible.

Yellowstone Landscape Gallery – Scenery in Yellowstone (and also The Tetons National park) are spectacular. The formations and geysers are stunning.   Its easy to be creative with a camera and lens.

Yellowstone Birds Photo Gallery : Not many varieties, but attractive and photogenic all the same, the baby owl is a real cutie.

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