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Local Barn Owl – Our Maui Resident.

We’ve had a barn owl visiting our property in Maui for 8 years now. I wonder if its the same one still.

I was walking down the drive at sunset, taking a stroll, and I should have had my camera with me because the barn owl flew right over my head.

He landed in a tulip tree about 100ft away, and seemed quite settled there, so I headed back to the house to fetch my camera. AND yes ! he was still there when i returned..

What a Beautiful bird !  Next time I should have my camera with me.. Tomorrows another day !


Autumn has Arrived in Winkworth Arboretum (NT), just outside Godalming in Surrey!  [ CLICK HERE ] to view the Gallery, then to view as a slideshow click the [View in Piclens] option.  The images were all taken today. Winkworth Arboretum is just outside Godalming, and this week will be the best week to go see the Autumn colours as there are many kinds of trees changing colour. There are Acer, Maple and lots of other trees there, and over the next couple of weeks or so there is going to be a splendid show of colour.   Don’t forget your camera and try to go in the week when there aren’t so many people around.

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Autumn Robins announcing their territory

Meet Jim, my tame garden Robin. Takes mealworms from my hand and has taken up a tuneful residence in one corner of my garden. The garden is shared by other robins too, each with their own corner.

IMG_0763 IMG_0754   IMG_0757  IMG_0748IMG_0749IMG_0758

Mandarin Ducklings doing the Locomotion

I just want to share this video with anyone who might find it funny watching my tame (but wild) Mandarin ducklings dancin’ and a jumping…the ducklings are Chinese Mandarin ducks and when in full breeding plumage (in about a months time) the boys will look exactly like their dad in this photo… SO Play the video below  and it might make you smile and you’ll see I might just not be as mad as I seem….

Enjoy the video (click the Youtube icon to enlarge)

IF there is an error playing the video with the music, click the YouTube icon to watch on YouTube instead.

I have finally finished uploading ALL of  my galleries of Wildlife photos, Landscapes, Birds, Maui Waves and Ocean Sports photographs  that I had on my old website. Now you can view them all on my new website by selecting them from a Collection, displaying a gallery or playing a Slideshow.   I am displaying one of my collections ‘The  ‘Maui Collection’  here in this post  from where you can also click on any of the gallery thumbnails to view any of the  Maui Galleries and/or play slideshows.


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