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My visit to London on Day 6 of the 2012 London Olympics became a once in a lifetime experience –  Team GB won Gold in the Men’s sprint today right in front of my eyes  in the Velodrome  on the most beautiful cycle track, they had also broken the world record TWICE on their way to that wonderful victory.  Sir Chris Hoy earned his fifth gold medal, alongside Philip Hindes and Jason Kenny.

The cheering is still ringing in my ears.

My day began early, by watching watching Helen Glover and Heather Stanning’s interview for Radio one by Chris Evans right after their GOLD win for GB in the Rowing – womans pair. Then later I saw Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott being interviewed for their GOLD medal win in the Men’s Canoe doubles. Then I went on to watch Hockey – USA v AUS  – AUS won 1-0…  and then out front of the Velodrome,  while asking a couple of Olympic Stewards if they knew where I could buy a ticket to watch the cycling inside, I was tapped on the shoulderby a stranger,  and was gifted a ticket that was going spare. How lucky was I ???  Thank Q so much Mr Mystery Man…  where ever you are… It made an already great day an absolutely unbelievable and unforgettable one… !!!

I saw Three Gold medal winning teams in one fantastic day, it was a goldmine of photograpic opportunities.

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Funghi and mushrooms in Autumn

Petworth park was covered in Umbrella mushrooms this September. I only had my little Canon Ixus with me, but was happy with the result… It got me motivated to take more funghi photos in October.


Macro Flowers – Springtime in England

The blue bells are almost finished but some are still perfect. The wild pink Campions are blooming, and the Dandelions are reproducing in the breeze …


 BluebellCampions IMG_1352_1 _anitaharris  IMG_1376_1 _anitaharris  Bluebelldandilion Bluebell

Badgers, Kingfishers, Bees and Ducks in my Garden

Its busy in the garden this time of year, the badgers come visiting every night, and the kingfishers are challenging each other battling to claim their territory before the winter months arrive. The Bees are busy feeding and the ducks are splashing (as ducks do) in the water, cooling off on a hot late August day. AND the robins are moulting after a long and very busy breeding season.

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IMG_5334_1 IMG_5364_1 IMG_5607_1


 IMG_5417_1IMG_5383_1 IMG_5430_1 IMG_5623_1

Mandarin Ducks in Spring 2010

This spring the Mandarins had lots of babies, and just so you know how colourful they males were, and how beautiful the females and cute the ducklings were, I will post you one of each. I’ve been having a sort through my spring photos and realised I hadnt posted these.  An update of the Canada Geese Goslings coming shortly…

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IMG_4821_1IMG_5009_1IMG_4987_1   IMG_5029_1