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I’ve been invited to showcase a selection of my images at the Maui Camera Club meeting on Monday evening. These are the 115 I have selected.

The images selected are to open discussions about photography in different topics – mainly in the world of Macro, sport and wildlife photography. From breaching whales, flying jets at air shows, flying Hawaiian stilts, monkeys, Maui waves, windsurfing, surfing and Huge huge waves. And did I mention sport photography at the 2012 London Olympics? – yep that too!

     Sunset over the West Maui Mountains last night was very unusual in more ways than one. Firstly the mountains usually have a layer of cloud, but after the recent downpours and a very windy day (also a great windsurfing day) the West Maui Mountains cleared just before the sun set. Secondly the whispy clouds that did remain around changed formation the whole time and created an image I didn’t even notice until I got home and viewed these photos on my computer. Hence the title to this post …On the wings of a Dove.. ( PLAY ‘On the Wings of a Dove’  by Madness)

IMG_8901 _w IMG_8893 _w IMG_8897 _w 

IMG_8909 _w

No PhotoShopping has been applied to any of these photos…;-)

IMG_8350 _w

And this was taken the day before during the rains, a very wet and very voggy day!