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I’ve been invited to showcase a selection of my images at the Maui Camera Club meeting on Monday evening. These are the 115 I have selected.

The images selected are to open discussions about photography in different topics – mainly in the world of Macro, sport and wildlife photography. From breaching whales, flying jets at air shows, flying Hawaiian stilts, monkeys, Maui waves, windsurfing, surfing and Huge huge waves. And did I mention sport photography at the 2012 London Olympics? – yep that too!

Last weeks visit to Trentham Monkey Forest was delightful.  I have just received an email that 4 healthy new born baby girls arrived in the days following my visit.. The first one of the season the very next day ! … A photo opportunity missed. but I have no complaints I am happy with my photos..

Visit Trentham Monkey Forest yourselves and experience a walk amongst the 140+ Babary macaques roaming free in 60 acres of beautiful English woodlands. Spot the new born May babies. Stroll through the forest and be transported into a different world. It is truly amazing, and loads of fun -  even on a cold and wet day.

"Three naughty Boys"IMG_4217_w   IMG_4232_wIMG_4258_wIMG_4222_w   IMG_4224_wIMG_4266_w IMG_4271_w 29 year old girl. The oldest in the parkIMG_4305_wIMG_4292_wIMG_4275_w      IMG_4354_w IMG_4367_w IMG_4375_w IMG_4378_w IMG_4303_wIMG_4342_w