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I’ve been invited to showcase a selection of my images at the Maui Camera Club meeting on Monday evening. These are the 115 I have selected.

The images selected are to open discussions about photography in different topics – mainly in the world of Macro, sport and wildlife photography. From breaching whales, flying jets at air shows, flying Hawaiian stilts, monkeys, Maui waves, windsurfing, surfing and Huge huge waves. And did I mention sport photography at the 2012 London Olympics? – yep that too!

Saving a Bumble Bee

I saved this Bumble Bee! I found it pretty lifeless outdoors, so I scooped it up, took it home, and I placed it AND a large drop of honey on a daffodil flower. It fed for a very long time – and then suddenly it was gone! Looking for another yummy daffodil I expect …

Maui Bumble Bee



Sleepy Blonde Bumble Bee, Maui, Hawaii

This sleepy insect, a Blonde Bumble Bee wasn’t quite awake yet when I spotted it hiding in the flowers, in a garden in Maui, Hawaii the other day. Wildlife in Maui can be found even when not looking for it… Luckily I had my Macro Lens, Tripod and bits to hand and had time to photograph this furry beast before it started to get hungry and start foraging..  Its been said that these bumble bees become black when they are a few days old, but I haven’t had a chance to research this for myself yet…



Swallowtail Butterfly on a Getropa blossom

This gorgeous Swallowtail Butterfly just turned up and flew around the Getropa flowers, feeding on the nectar it provided. It was obviously getting a lot of breakfast because it was still there after I had rushed off to grab my camera.


Taken with a Canon 7D and 100-400mm lens.. No photoshopping applied here.. SOOTC (straight out of the camera)…

Exploring upcountry Maui in Hawaii

I’ve had to buy a new camera because my 5year old one bit the dust – no power!  And I am loving my new Canon 7D… I’ve just explored the slopes of Haleakala by driving along the Haleakala Highway and the Kula Highway and visited the Botanical Gardens in Kula to try out my 100mm Macro lens on the 7D..  I’ve had a great Photo day in  Maui. Spring has sprung, all the Jacaranda trees are in full bloom.

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Protea Blooms in Kula Botanical Gardens  -  © Anita Harris -

Kula Botanical Gardens, Maui, Hawaii -  © Anita Harris -  "The old Roadside Wreck"  - Kula Highway, Maui, Hawaii © Anita Harris -

Flowering Jacaranda Tree on the Haleakala Highway - its Spring in Maui!  -  © Anita Harris -  Trumpet Trees flowering at the Kula Lodge, Maui, Hawaii   -  © Anita Harris -

Weeds at Hookipa  -  © Anita Harris -  Macro Magic - Maui Flowers  -  © Anita Harris -

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