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I’ve been invited to showcase a selection of my images at the Maui Camera Club meeting on Monday evening. These are the 115 I have selected.

The images selected are to open discussions about photography in different topics – mainly in the world of Macro, sport and wildlife photography. From breaching whales, flying jets at air shows, flying Hawaiian stilts, monkeys, Maui waves, windsurfing, surfing and Huge huge waves. And did I mention sport photography at the 2012 London Olympics? – yep that too!

IMG_7702-fbWindsurfers were out at Hookipa today, for the first time in a while. Its been a windless couple of weeks, and finally the trades kicked back in. Light Trade winds I hasten to add and also a little more from the east than usual but that did not matter. The waves were big and smooth, and the windsurfers could not resist..



Hookipa HouseFinch, watching the surfers

Boxing Day at Hookipa, and the waves were rather large. Even the Housefinch in the tree was being entertained.

IMG_6748_1IMG_6740_2   IMG_6849_1 



The waves seemed perfect for the guys and girl out at break called Pavilions, which is opposite the Pavilions at Ho’okipa Beach Park, on Maui’s North Shore.

I sat on the rocks nearby, and took some shots of the action, trying out a borrowed 1×4 extender on my 400mm zoom lens.  I think I need to buy one..

IMG_6422IMG_6430IMG_6401 IMG_6402 IMG_6472IMG_6475IMG_6438IMG_6439IMG_6420IMG_6405 IMG_6409IMG_6433IMG_6424 IMG_6426    IMG_6436 IMG_6444   IMG_6450 IMG_6453 IMG_6458  IMG_6468 IMG_6484   IMG_6485

Bart De Zwart :-Bart windsuring at Jaws in Maui

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Big waves again at Jaws this week, and quite late in the season, which is quite unusual !  But with lots of wind this time – for the windsurfers..   No surfers this time, too windy!   The wind and waves were accurately predicted for Tuesday this week, and sure enough the forecast was spot on..  Cameras were at the ready on the cliffs, eagerly waiting for the windsurfers to arrive on their jet skis any time after 9.30am..   About 11am, Bart De Zwart, our good friend for many years arrived first, with his windsurf board and rolled up sail across the back of the jet ski.  Rigging the sail from the back of a jet ski was tricky says Bart, but he managed it..  It wasn’t quite so easy for Diony Guadagnino, his sail blew into the water from the back of the jet ski, while on route to the Jaws surf break from Maliko Gulch (the launch site). The wind was so strong he was really lucky to have been able to retrieve it and without further delay joined Bart at the reef. Bart had already started windsurfing the waves, which were steadily increasing in size.  Bart was on a 4.8m sail which was perfect for the conditions….  The two windsurfers were soon joined by two more and the display they gave was amazing and very entertaining.  I have been to Jaws and seen surfers riding those waves many times, but windsurfers Jaws, that was a first for me too, and SO worth waiting for..

Diony Guadagnino :-IMG_3787_s

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I watched and photographed all four of the windsurfers, right  from the time Bart arrived up until about 1.30pm.   I needed to leave  to go get some breakfast… and besides I had used up all three of my memory cards, so couldn’t have taken more photos if I wanted to..

Bart De Zwart :-IMG_3653_Bart_2_s

Enjoy. !!!

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