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Maui Flowers with a difference…

… And the difference is Photoshop 😉

_MG_1040_1 _anitaharris_1 Original

I’ve had another rainy day in the UK, and rather than being outside with my camera, I’ve been working through some images from Maui on my computer (in the dry!)…


030921_IMG_9274 _w 030921_IMG_9274_1 _w

Sunflower from Haiku

 IMG_6250_2 _w IMG_6250 _w  

I just love pink and purple !!!

IMG_1225_1 _w IMG_1225_2 _w

Now this really is cheating! but FUN !

Macro Flowers – Springtime in England

The blue bells are almost finished but some are still perfect. The wild pink Campions are blooming, and the Dandelions are reproducing in the breeze …


 BluebellCampions IMG_1352_1 _anitaharris  IMG_1376_1 _anitaharris  Bluebelldandilion Bluebell

I’ve had fun with my Canon Macro lens, its a 100m IS USM, and a beautiful piece of kit when attached to my Canon EOS 40D digital camera. I used it with an extension tube, which enables me to get in even closer.  A tripod is a must, and the cable shutter release makes shooting low shots easier.

These closeup macro photographs were taken in Maui in the back garden, and I am very happy with my results. I think I am hooked. The weather has been very calm, with a slight cloud cover (which is perfect lighting) and ideally not a single breath of wind.

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