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IMG_4446_bYesterday, a single parent Canada Goose took her 6 newly hatched goslings out onto the water for the very first time. They didn’t yet know what food is, but they began to catch on quite quickly after mum showed them that my bread is edible. Mother is very tame, so she swims up to me real close bringing her tiny cute furry babies right with her.

This gorgeous new family live on a lake at the back of my house, and the female must have arrived with her mate just over 45 days ago to build a nest and start her family by laying 6 eggs. It takes 9 days to lay 6 eggs followed by 36 days of incubation  . I never saw the male so I can only imagine he must have been taken by foxes sometime after mum had  laid the 6th egg. So mum must be fox wise now and will hopefully have learned a very valuable lesson to keep her goslings safe.

I took these pictures yesterday, thinking perhaps I may not have another photo opportunity to photograph her with all her six goslings. There are so many natural dangers around her, but this morning she still has all six. So now I can begin to hope for their survival.  I have my fingers crossed… 

Anyway, here are yesterdays photos. For more news and photos click my link —-> ‘Anitas wildlife blog’ <— click link  -  Gotta go,  feed the wildlife…

  IMG_4460 1_b IMG_4473_b IMG_4475_bIMG_4483_bIMG_4518_b  IMG_4497_1_b


Tomas Harris was my fathers Uncle. He has two nephews who I think still live in London. Their names are David Harris, and Anthony Harris. Their father and grandfathers names are the same, Lionel Harris.

I would like to locate them and make contact with them, so if you are either David or Anthony, or you know either of them, please click this link  -> to go to the HARRIS family Website to contact Anita Harris using the contact form.