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Kestrel at Pulborough Brooks

I  was ready for her! A rare treat.. This Female Kestrel had spotted her lunch in the grass slopes right in front of where I was standing. She would hover about 30ft in front of me for about 15 seconds, almost at eye level, then fly off, then return and hover again until on about the 5th attempt she finally dove down at breakneck speed..  She caught her prey, and devoured it in the long grass.. almost out of sight!


There is a new enclosure at the WWT centre (Wildlife and Wetlands Trust) in Barnes in London for Asian Otters. It has just been populated with four gorgeous 10month old, fully grown sisters. Asian Otters are the smallest otters in the world. They certainly have settled in nicely and are very entertaining to watch before feeding times, as they are then very active and curious and provide some fabulous photo opportunities.

During my visit they were fed with lots of tiny fish and one large fish each for their mid morning snack, and in the afternoon they were each thrown a boiled egg and a hollow toy filled with apple and minced meat… The sweetest animals …

 IMG_3826_1_g IMG_3877_1_g IMG_3880_1_g IMG_4060_1_g IMG_3927_1_g IMG_3883_1_g IMG_3937_1_g IMG_4067_1_g IMG_4090_1_g With a Boiled EggIMG_3963_1_g

IMG_3890_1_g IMG_3903_1_g IMG_3978_1_g IMG_3990_1_g IMG_4046_1_g IMG_4082_1_g IMG_4087_1_g

Territorial Kingfishers in Surrey

When the kingfishers in my back garden become territorial, and the weather is like it is today, then I just have to sit in my back garden (very patiently) and wait for them to come. And if I am lucky, like I was today I can get them to sit on a perch (that I placed in the water) right in front of me..

Kingfishers are  very territorial, and as they compete for their fishing territory they still need to feed and catch fish. Usually they announce their arrival as they fly on to their next fishing perch, but today they were flying silently, perhaps trying to avoid their rivals.

The kingfisher that perched in front of my today is an adult male  – you can tell its adult by the red legs, and that it is male  by the all black beak (the females lower mandible is red )

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Mandarin Ducks in Spring 2010

This spring the Mandarins had lots of babies, and just so you know how colourful they males were, and how beautiful the females and cute the ducklings were, I will post you one of each. I’ve been having a sort through my spring photos and realised I hadnt posted these.  An update of the Canada Geese Goslings coming shortly…

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IMG_4821_1IMG_5009_1IMG_4987_1   IMG_5029_1

Surrey Springtime

Thursley wildlife and birds in a Surrey Garden



Spiders webs glistening at Thursley common, in the bright sunshine on a dewy morning this last very hot weekend

Tame garden birds waiting for mealworms to feed their hungry babies.IMG_4644_b

IMG_4684_b IMG_4691_b

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