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I’ve been invited to showcase a selection of my images at the Maui Camera Club meeting on Monday evening. These are the 115 I have selected.

The images selected are to open discussions about photography in different topics – mainly in the world of Macro, sport and wildlife photography. From breaching whales, flying jets at air shows, flying Hawaiian stilts, monkeys, Maui waves, windsurfing, surfing and Huge huge waves. And did I mention sport photography at the 2012 London Olympics? – yep that too!

Saving a Bumble Bee

I saved this Bumble Bee! I found it pretty lifeless outdoors, so I scooped it up, took it home, and I placed it AND a large drop of honey on a daffodil flower. It fed for a very long time – and then suddenly it was gone! Looking for another yummy daffodil I expect …

Maui Bumble Bee



Swallowtail Butterfly on a Getropa blossom

This gorgeous Swallowtail Butterfly just turned up and flew around the Getropa flowers, feeding on the nectar it provided. It was obviously getting a lot of breakfast because it was still there after I had rushed off to grab my camera.


Taken with a Canon 7D and 100-400mm lens.. No photoshopping applied here.. SOOTC (straight out of the camera)…

What a beautiful start to December…There was not a single breath of wind outside this morning – thats really unusual. So many flowers still had last nights raindrops hanging from them.  With the sun out in the blue sky, and the raindrops hanging motionless from petals,  the flowers were glittering around me everywhere. I rushed back inside to get my Macro lens and monopod and hit the shutter button about 200 times… What a sparkling morning its been..

View these and more Macro Photographs in my Maui Macro Flowers Gallery

IMG_4220_w IMG_4239_wIMG_4338_wIMG_4224_w IMG_4244_wIMG_4287_w IMG_4271_wIMG_4253_w IMG_4278_w IMG_4279_w IMG_4304_w IMG_4300_w

I’ve had fun with my Canon Macro lens, its a 100m IS USM, and a beautiful piece of kit when attached to my Canon EOS 40D digital camera. I used it with an extension tube, which enables me to get in even closer.  A tripod is a must, and the cable shutter release makes shooting low shots easier.

These closeup macro photographs were taken in Maui in the back garden, and I am very happy with my results. I think I am hooked. The weather has been very calm, with a slight cloud cover (which is perfect lighting) and ideally not a single breath of wind.

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