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Saving a Bumble Bee

I saved this Bumble Bee! I found it pretty lifeless outdoors, so I scooped it up, took it home, and I placed it AND a large drop of honey on a daffodil flower. It fed for a very long time – and then suddenly it was gone! Looking for another yummy daffodil I expect …

Maui Bumble Bee



Sleepy Blonde Bumble Bee, Maui, Hawaii

This sleepy insect, a Blonde Bumble Bee wasn’t quite awake yet when I spotted it hiding in the flowers, in a garden in Maui, Hawaii the other day. Wildlife in Maui can be found even when not looking for it… Luckily I had my Macro Lens, Tripod and bits to hand and had time to photograph this furry beast before it started to get hungry and start foraging..  Its been said that these bumble bees become black when they are a few days old, but I haven’t had a chance to research this for myself yet…



Badgers, Kingfishers, Bees and Ducks in my Garden

Its busy in the garden this time of year, the badgers come visiting every night, and the kingfishers are challenging each other battling to claim their territory before the winter months arrive. The Bees are busy feeding and the ducks are splashing (as ducks do) in the water, cooling off on a hot late August day. AND the robins are moulting after a long and very busy breeding season.

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 IMG_5417_1IMG_5383_1 IMG_5430_1 IMG_5623_1

Dumb or what? They really were blonde! I had never seen such huge blonde bumble bees before.  They were about 1.5” head to toe! There were two of them, and all they did was hover, looking directly at  me, and buzzzz very loudly at me…

They were so persistent that I went back up the driveway to get my camera, in hope that they would still be there when I got back. And sure enough, they were. And they were still hovering!!! If i moved, they followed, and just hovered again, facing me head on…  They never got closer than about 4ft and hovered at my eye level.  Quite extraordinary! SO I snapped away until the sun went down.

I thought I would share some with you so you would believe me…  They were gone the next day, and I haven’t seen (or heard) them again since…  Bizarre, but just so cute.

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