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The rare Ae’o – The Hawaiian stilts are breeding in ponds right beside the roadsides in Maui. The parents to this little one are very tame as they are used to passers-by. Parking on the roadside and using my car as hide I was simply wanting to photograph the two adults from a close vantage point, without them being nervous of my presence. I didn’t realise they were parents for quite a while – not until the little one materialised out of nowhere !  what a bonus!!!


Swallowtail Butterfly on a Getropa blossom

This gorgeous Swallowtail Butterfly just turned up and flew around the Getropa flowers, feeding on the nectar it provided. It was obviously getting a lot of breakfast because it was still there after I had rushed off to grab my camera.


Taken with a Canon 7D and 100-400mm lens.. No photoshopping applied here.. SOOTC (straight out of the camera)…

Maui spotted doves and dogs love the camera.

This spotted dove was posing on a wall of one of the many single lane bridges on the road to Hana, on Maui’s North Shore. They are very common on Maui, along with the smaller zebra doves. Often seen feeding on the roads causing approaching traffic to slow down because they are pretty slow in flying off .

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A few days in France, while visiting Saint Aubin Sur Mer gave me good reason to stroll to the beach and check out the tides. The differences between the low and high tides are pretty dramatic even on a beautiful September’s day.


Low Tide at St AubinHigh Tide at St Aubin

Dramatic Pet Portrait

I’ve been experimenting with Photoshop and ended up with an image of my friends pussycat (no its not a panther) that I am very pleased with and want to share


Before Photoshopping