The funniest thing happened while I was photographing a Black Noddy sitting on a small rock island off the cliffs at Hookipa in Maui. The Noddy had just landed, and the landing had caught my interest so  I went to investigate. He wasn’t bothered by me getting closer and closer until I was right at the edge of the cliff and couldn’t get any closer. I setup my tripod and began to photograph. The Black Noddy was sharing the rock with some fairly large crabs. One crab kept venturing a bit too close for the Noddy’s liking and presumably began to irritate it. The Noddy did a 180 degree turn, which surprised me, he now had his back to the crab, and as the Noddy began to crouch down a little I recognised the body language and realised the Noddy was preparing to defecate. What I didn’t realise until I had taken my series of photographs of the action, was that the Noddy had actually taken careful aim and accurately hit its target spot on. How clever.

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