And then there were three.

The first time a crossed this tiny stony beach a huge boulder startled me because it began to move. It was a large green turtle calmly returning the to water. I quickly tried to dig out my little Canon Ixus camera, by which time it had virtually vanished from sight amongst the rocks and boulders in the shallow bay.  About an hour later, on my return to the car I had to pass by the same little beach again, this time I looked ahead incase the green turtle had maybe returned. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were now three turtles, fast asleep, resting just above the waters edge. Trying to pass them quietly didn’t even cause them to bat an eyelid. So I slowly crouched down infront of all three – as far back as the tiny beach would allow and snapped a few pictures.. What a precious moment. Best of all was that I could walk away without having even woken them.

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