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The A’eo is an endangered bird on the Hawaiian islands. but can be seen in large numbers at Kealia Ponds in Kihei, on Maui. The five year average count of these Hawaiian stilts across the Hawaiin islands is currently 3000 so they are protected and their habitats are managed to suit their breeding and feeding.  Visiting the new center can be very exiting at this time of year, they are all very busy in the run up to their nesting season..

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A'eo (The rare Hawaiian stilt) - at Kealia Ponds - busy defending their nesting territories-  © Anita Harris -  IMG_0498 IMG_0347 IMG_0408 IMG_0444 IMG_0472 IMG_0467

Exploring upcountry Maui in Hawaii

I’ve had to buy a new camera because my 5year old one bit the dust – no power!  And I am loving my new Canon 7D… I’ve just explored the slopes of Haleakala by driving along the Haleakala Highway and the Kula Highway and visited the Botanical Gardens in Kula to try out my 100mm Macro lens on the 7D..  I’ve had a great Photo day in  Maui. Spring has sprung, all the Jacaranda trees are in full bloom.

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Protea Blooms in Kula Botanical Gardens  -  © Anita Harris -

Kula Botanical Gardens, Maui, Hawaii -  © Anita Harris -  "The old Roadside Wreck"  - Kula Highway, Maui, Hawaii © Anita Harris -

Flowering Jacaranda Tree on the Haleakala Highway - its Spring in Maui!  -  © Anita Harris -  Trumpet Trees flowering at the Kula Lodge, Maui, Hawaii   -  © Anita Harris -

Weeds at Hookipa  -  © Anita Harris -  Macro Magic - Maui Flowers  -  © Anita Harris -