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I’ve had fun with my Canon Macro lens, its a 100m IS USM, and a beautiful piece of kit when attached to my Canon EOS 40D digital camera. I used it with an extension tube, which enables me to get in even closer.  A tripod is a must, and the cable shutter release makes shooting low shots easier.

These closeup macro photographs were taken in Maui in the back garden, and I am very happy with my results. I think I am hooked. The weather has been very calm, with a slight cloud cover (which is perfect lighting) and ideally not a single breath of wind.

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Its a good April 2011 so far for wind! Windsurfers are everywhere, and Hookipa is a popular location amongst the professional windsurfers, and they are coming in from all over the world.. so I have just added them to the the Hookipa 2011 gallery below

After my own windsurfing sessions down in Kanaha, I cannot resist taking my camera to Hookipa for a while. Here is some of the action I have been having fun capturing on camera.

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