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It was a beautiful day today, and there were no clouds on the West Maui Mountains all morning, which is quite unusual. The surf was big again, and lots of surfers were out surfing the waves in Hookipa Bay, and the birds were chirping all around me as I wandered around. Spring is definitely in the air.

IMG_7024_1wGolden PloverIMG_7065_2w  Artist at Hookipa IMG_7133_1w Manakin

Java Sparrows and their young in the Bamboo, waiting for me to get out the way so they fly across to the deck for their last feed of the day.

Parent Java Sparrow and its newly fledged offspringIMG_6920_1

       View across Turtle Bay yesterday morning.

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 IMG_6889_1 IMG_6900_1

And more Java Sparrows waiting very patiently for their last feed before flying of to roost somewhere on Maui’s North Shore..  [View More Maui Birds]

             IMG_6988_1  IMG_6975_1