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Hookipa HouseFinch, watching the surfers

Boxing Day at Hookipa, and the waves were rather large. Even the Housefinch in the tree was being entertained.

IMG_6748_1IMG_6740_2   IMG_6849_1 



Hookipa Wipeouts, Fun in the Waves in Maui

IMG_6689_1 IMG_6654_1 IMG_6679_1

See more of todays Surfing Photos (15th December 2010) on my MAUI BLOG

Everyone looked like they were having fun on the waves, even the kids came out in full force today, even the very little ones….  I had a good vantage point from the cliffs, and got some great shots of some of the action 

IMG_6608_1  IMG_6574_1_2      IMG_6612_1_1IMG_6616_1 IMG_6618_1   IMG_6640  IMG_6643

The Java sparrow checked out my storage jar and tried quite hard to figure out how to get at those yummy looking seeds inside. He circled it about 3 times before giving up, and decided to go pester the red crested cardinal feeding at the full bowl. Both birds gave way to the Red Cardinal…  who tucked in..

IMG_6494 IMG_6490_1 IMG_6526_cIMG_6516_cIMG_6531_c

The waves seemed perfect for the guys and girl out at break called Pavilions, which is opposite the Pavilions at Ho’okipa Beach Park, on Maui’s North Shore.

I sat on the rocks nearby, and took some shots of the action, trying out a borrowed 1×4 extender on my 400mm zoom lens.  I think I need to buy one..

IMG_6422IMG_6430IMG_6401 IMG_6402 IMG_6472IMG_6475IMG_6438IMG_6439IMG_6420IMG_6405 IMG_6409IMG_6433IMG_6424 IMG_6426    IMG_6436 IMG_6444   IMG_6450 IMG_6453 IMG_6458  IMG_6468 IMG_6484   IMG_6485

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