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Local Barn Owl – Our Maui Resident.

We’ve had a barn owl visiting our property in Maui for 8 years now. I wonder if its the same one still.

I was walking down the drive at sunset, taking a stroll, and I should have had my camera with me because the barn owl flew right over my head.

He landed in a tulip tree about 100ft away, and seemed quite settled there, so I headed back to the house to fetch my camera. AND yes ! he was still there when i returned..

What a Beautiful bird !  Next time I should have my camera with me.. Tomorrows another day !


Haiku Garden Flowers and Wildlife

Japenese White Eyes, blooming sunflowers, a budding spiderlily and a black and white pussycat called Guinness

  IMG_4029_1_b       IMG_3984_1_b IMG_4078_1_b

         IMG_4022_1_b IMG_4007_1_b


Bart De Zwart :-Bart windsuring at Jaws in Maui

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Big waves again at Jaws this week, and quite late in the season, which is quite unusual !  But with lots of wind this time – for the windsurfers..   No surfers this time, too windy!   The wind and waves were accurately predicted for Tuesday this week, and sure enough the forecast was spot on..  Cameras were at the ready on the cliffs, eagerly waiting for the windsurfers to arrive on their jet skis any time after 9.30am..   About 11am, Bart De Zwart, our good friend for many years arrived first, with his windsurf board and rolled up sail across the back of the jet ski.  Rigging the sail from the back of a jet ski was tricky says Bart, but he managed it..  It wasn’t quite so easy for Diony Guadagnino, his sail blew into the water from the back of the jet ski, while on route to the Jaws surf break from Maliko Gulch (the launch site). The wind was so strong he was really lucky to have been able to retrieve it and without further delay joined Bart at the reef. Bart had already started windsurfing the waves, which were steadily increasing in size.  Bart was on a 4.8m sail which was perfect for the conditions….  The two windsurfers were soon joined by two more and the display they gave was amazing and very entertaining.  I have been to Jaws and seen surfers riding those waves many times, but windsurfers Jaws, that was a first for me too, and SO worth waiting for..

Diony Guadagnino :-IMG_3787_s

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I watched and photographed all four of the windsurfers, right  from the time Bart arrived up until about 1.30pm.   I needed to leave  to go get some breakfast… and besides I had used up all three of my memory cards, so couldn’t have taken more photos if I wanted to..

Bart De Zwart :-IMG_3653_Bart_2_s

Enjoy. !!!

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