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The Asian Swallowtail Butterflies were displaying in all their glory this month in the Greenhouse at  Wisley in Surrey. Their Butterfly collection was a photographers dream – after the condensation in the cameras and lenses cleared of course.


Saving a Bumble Bee


I saved this Bumble Bee! I found it pretty lifeless outdoors, so I scooped it up, took it home, and I placed it AND a large drop of honey on a daffodil flower. It fed for a very long time – and then suddenly it was gone! Looking for another yummy daffodil I expect …

Maui Bumble Bee




Kestrel at Pulborough Brooks


I  was ready for her! A rare treat.. This Female Kestrel had spotted her lunch in the grass slopes right in front of where I was standing. She would hover about 30ft in front of me for about 15 seconds, almost at eye level, then fly off, then return and hover again until on about the 5th attempt she finally dove down at breakneck speed..  She caught her prey, and devoured it in the long grass.. almost out of sight!


The power of the Humpback Whales, Maui, Hawaii

Whales have a massive muscle in their tail called the peduncle muscle, which is thought to be one of the strongest and largest muscles in the animal kingdom. I had a wonderful demonstration of this muscle in  full action recently …


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